onsdag 18 november 2009


Obama has new brutal rules for the Jihadist prisoners at Guantanamo.

On a more serious note it's worth reminding people of who Obama is friends with. Some assumed that his radical friendships did not mean much as to the policies he want to implement.

Looking at the sum total of his policies so far 11 months in, it's more clear now that he is a far more radical person than the most sceptic person would have guessed.

Not only is the failing economy ignored, the recession and the financial crisis is getting worse by the week as the largest borrowing in the world history is done by the Obama administration with no plan for funding the payments or interest. At the same time tax revenues are falling rapidly resulting in a significant loss of the dollar value.

Those voting for Obama due to anger over the cost of the wars will not see any lower government war spending. All the voters got was an unbelievable amount of spending mostly on democrats pet projects with no impact on the unemployment or the economy. The future has been mortgaged for future generations to pay back, and almost all the spending has been wasted efforts.

The man with the teleprompeter is an empty suit. He can read the teleprompter well with but there is no message, no plan and nothing that we can hope for, other than "change". Small change is all that will be left with the formerly wealthy middle class after Obama has completed the mission that his sponsors gave him.

Read more about Obama and his totally unknown backgrund that has been wiped clean from everywhere he has been. There are no record of his admission to his colleges. There is no record and nobody have explained how he was funded. There is no record of what he did before college as homeless and traveling to muslim countries.

There is nobody that has spoken about him as a student or world traveller, nobody appears to know him. Those who know his is quiet, very, very quiet about him.

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