lördag 7 juli 2012

Swedes are evicted and replaced by refugees in public housing, government tell Swedes to GET OUT,


Swedes are evicted and replaced by refugees, government tell Swedes to GET OUT,

Cities are now trying new methods to obtain additional housing to refugees. All public housing is already full of refugees and cities have started buying and renting mansions, former royal palaces, campgrounds, hotels and any and all types of housing to fit masses of asylum seekers.

Some cities are now trying a new method to obtain additional housing. They evict Swedes put them in the street and install refugees in the homes of the evicted swedes. In Grums locals are protesting the new nazi methods of internal deportation of citizens.

The evicted victims don't get much support in media since media is supporting the mass immigration policy and the replacement of the native population.

A demonstration is planned for July 14, 2012 where they protest the actions of the local socialist politicians to evict elderly and disadvantaged Swedes without power or influence.

Facebook group in support of the evicted victims,

Convicted terrorist get asylum and housing,

103-year old woman is evicted from care home for elderly. The city said, "to save money", while the city made room for more refugees.

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