onsdag 30 september 2009

The emergence of a dictatorship, see how freedom of speech and democracy was suspended in Belgium.

The emergence of a dictatorship. This documentary shows how the politicians suspended freedom. Show this film to everyone you know. Politicians can change a free society and with seemingly legitimate methods can inflict a brutal blow on democracy without anyone even noticing. Politicians and journalists can take over a nation, this is how they would do it. They refuse a free and open debate, they stop reporting of vital news to keep the public uninformed, they create new laws to stop the opposition, they file false allegations and use the police and court to stop the opposition. This is not an african banarepublic, this happened in Belgium. But it's also happening in other European countries.

The film producers channel can be found here:

A few years ago, the Danish Free Press Society was founded. This organisation aims at protecting freedom of speech. The Free Press Society has already organised several seminars and debates, with famous international guests, such as Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Islam-critical author Ibn Warraq and Danish Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Last weekend, Vlaams Belang MEP Frank Vanhecke and Vlaams Belang leader in the Flemish Parliament Filip Dewinter were invited by the Danish organisation, to speak about The State of Democracy and Free Speech in Belgium. Dewinter and Vanhecke talked about Islamisation, which results in the restriction of freedom of speech. An example of this is the commemoration of the 9/11 victims in Brussels, that was brutally dispersed by a private militia of the socialist Brussels mayor, and during which a large number of demonstrators including democratically chosen members of parliament were handcuffed and taken to jail.

The Vlaams Belang politicians also talked about Vlaams Belang MEP Koen Dillen, who wrote a book about the former French president François Mitterand, but had to publish it under a pseudonym in order to avoid censorship.

Once there was a time when progressive intellectuals fought against dogmas, clericalism and religious fanaticism. Because of political correctness, and because they do not want to admit the failing multicultural society, they rather defend the Islamic theocracy, Filip Dewinter said.

The following short video about democracy and freedom of speech in Belgium was shown as well.