tisdag 29 september 2009

SVT defame EU politicians. State TV is partial and slander political parties and EU politicians.

SVT defame EU politicians. State TV is partial and take sides in the EU election.

This is the Swedish state media's take on the EU election: Those opposed to an islamization of Europe are all extremists and were nearly convicted of speaking our against mass immigration. That is the mantra from the extremist journalists employed by the state media organizations.

One real fact and for democracy real serious problem is that more EU nations are now trying to stop free speech. They create new laws and use police and courts against the position. More often politicians even members of parliaments are prosecuted for speaking out against mass immigration.

A Dutch kangurucourt is trying to convict Mr Geert Wildes, an MP, for his film Fitna. The prosecutor has already admitted that the court have not seen the film, it's therefore a blatant attempt by the dark forces in Nederland to stop democracy and free speech.

State TV and other extremist media people label those who are against massimigration as "racists" or 'strangerhostile". It's a created word with no meaning. The media use the word as a label to create suspicion and hostility against anyone who dislike the idea of an islamic Europe.