måndag 28 september 2009

Warzone in Sweden stops ambulance, patient dies in Gothenburg.

Violent unrest in some swedish ghettos stops emergency vehicles. They are as new standard operating procedures required to stop and wait for police escort. What happens when no police are available? And more importantly, why was there no police available?

This time it delayed the ambulance, it took 17 minutes to arrive and the patient died while waiting.

This happened in April 2009. Other times, there have been miscommunications, misunderstandings, language problems that resulted in emergency vehicles being directed to the wrong city, wrong address or not at all.

At the same time as politicians are focused on increasing the massimmigration to Sweden, all social services are being cut to save money. The asylum seekers require much more social service compared to native swedes. They require much more police, ambulances, firetrucks, hospitals, etc. They live twice as many in normal apartments so the population in a given areas is double or triple the capacity of the apartments. This in turn require perhaps four or five times more service while the standard service actually is reduced. This leaves a need for five to eigth times more security and social service in the immigrant areas. All those areas are considered high crimea areas, some of them are considered "no go areas" for swedes.

Adding to the dilemma is that immigrants are overrepresented in serious crimes by 250 % to 450 %.

Anyone can therefore understand how ghettos are created.

No, not everyone, the established politicians have no clue why massimmigration of huge number of mostly social welfare cases with no background check or ID check could cause so much trouble. The fact that many are illiterate from completely different cultures has no meaning for the politicians.

The most stunning fact about the problem is that the money Sweden spend on one annual cohort of asylum seekers could help millions of real refugees at the original location.

The last few years no politician has mentioned the word refugee policy or immigration policy. The only word they use is "integration policy". They must have made a secret agreement. Noting else can explain why certain words are eliminated from the swedish discourse.

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