onsdag 30 september 2009

Miss CA responds to vicious gay hate attack by Miss USA Judge Perez Hilton.

Miss California, Carrie Prejean was attacked by the angry gay unemployed hate blogger Perez Hilton whos real name is Mario Lavandeira. He had a hissy fit after she said that she liked traditional marriages. The crazed nut blogger attacked Miss California for no reason, called her the B word and much worse. The first question that comes to mind is who in the Miss USA organization hired this women hating nut job to be a judge?

Seriously, who did this? It's a scandal for the contest and an embarrassment for the organization. The person that put a woman hater there should be fired and so should his boss who should have known about the well known odd behavior of this nut job that is only known for using other peoples name.

It's like placing a child molester to judge a childrens beauty pageant, who would do that?

Carrie Prejean is an inspiration and conducted herself more professional than i would have after that type of hate attack.

The ramblings by the gay looser with no future living in his moms basement with a computer as only friend must personify him and his life. Can someone imagine him in a wedding dress?