tisdag 29 september 2009

In EU vote out the massimmigration extremist politicans, they stopped free speech.

The upcoming EU election may be the most important in our lifetime.

Most traditional political parties has agreed to import another 50 million muslims from north africa and others countries. We already have nearly 60 million muslims plus many other immigrants in Europe. Our politicians have never said why we need over 100 million muslims in Europe. They refuse to explain why, and the will never take a debate on the issue. The politicians are feeling the heat from stronger opposition to the insane mass immigration. They are therefore now trying to stop freedom of speech just in time before a debate is inevitable. Speech is being limited but not for them, only for the political opposition to the insane mass immigration.

They use the law, police and the courts to attack and prosecute opposition. It's a clear violation of the rule of democracy and freedom of speech, they are desperate to stop the opposition.

In Holland the governing leadership is trying to prosecute their competing political party, PVVs Geert Wilders. They are turning the Dutch democracy into a spectacle with this clearly political prosecution and harassement.

In Belgium they did the same with Vlaams Bloc, they prosecuted the party for telling the truth about the political situation in Belgium. The extremist politicians in Belgium have therefore also limited freedom of speech. So far there is no headlines exposing the lost freedoms.

The EU politicians are turning Europe into a group of Bananrepublics being constructed aas a superstate with little or no influence from each member state. They are stopping democracy without meeting much opposition. The politicians are doing this in their own countries as well as in the EU.

This is a serious threat to Europe, those guilty of this brutality against democracy must be kicked out in all elections. It's important to vote in EU and later in local elections. Tell the stupid and radical politician how you feel about how they run their countries, vote them out and vote for nationalist parties who will try to save the democracy, they will stop the insane massimmigration scheme and restore freedom of speech law and safety.

Nationalist parties were small and were not represented in the parliaments of Europe, but now they are growing fast. Most of them are represented in the parliaments and many are represented in EU.

PVV in Holland, Geert Wilders Freedom Party recently became the largest party in Holland.

Other parties with a similar message are also expected to do well in other European nations.