tisdag 15 september 2009

All statlig media måste omedelbart avvecklas, de bedriver en aktiv valkampanj, "Kaliberpartiet"?

Vi uppmanar till en NATIONELL KAMPANJ som syftar till att avveckla all statlig media och allt statligt mediainflytande via presstod och andra beroendeframkallande bidragformer.

Media saboterar politiska val och den politiska debatten. Media anlitar enbart vansterdebattorer for politiska kommentarer och tittarna far en falsk bild av verkligheten.

Valstugereportaget i TV 2002 gjorde att borgarna forlorade valet. Moderatern visades pa TV i hemliga inspelingar och framstalldes som rasister pga kommentarer som visade att de ogillade massinvandringen. Statens TV rapporterade darmot inte att partiarbetare fran alla partier sagt liknande saker pa band, alla ogillade den stora invandringen. Men bara Moderaterna fornedrades i TV, vanstern slapp bli utpekade och vann valet ett par dagar efter att reportaget sandes i TV.

Det ar hog tid att avveckla statlig TV, vi uppmanar ala sbenska ratt sprida filmen pa sina bloggar och hemsidor och aven dar uppmana folk att aktivera sig i en nationell kampanj for att avveckla all statlig media och alla beroendeframkallande bidragsformer till media.

Mer info foljer senare.

The swedish state controlled media is again involved in an aktiv election campaign. They act as if they were a political party on the far left. The state media started their campaign shortly before the EU election with slander of Sverigedemokraterna SD. They used state employed agents who infiltrated SD
and made secret recordings of 90 hours of private conversations. They sensentionalized the tapings but fell flat. The 90 hours of tapes is 5400 minutes, it only contained 1 minute of controversial statements. The four sentences were mostly jokes and subject of an internal discussion.

Even the state TV (SVT) asked the producers of Kaliber, the radio show, "is that all you have?"

Kaliber spent 6 months of taping using at least 3 state agents with hidden video and audio equipment. The cost of this secret operation which goal was to slander the party, SD must have been several hundred thousand kronor.

Kaliber The producer of Kaliber is friends with the leaders of an extremist leftwing newspaper Expo. Its primary focus is to publish personal information on political opponents so the Expo's nazi ground forces called Afa and Antifa can attack them , kill them or destroy their personal property, office or home.

The day after the secret recordings were exposed by SD party members, all the online contents showing the personal connections between the Kaliber producer and her extremists friends were quickly removed by them to hide their friendship.

The state TV, SVT having no problem hiring the same radicals that is friend with the SR producer asked the leader of Expo, Daniel Poohl to participate in a morning program about the Kaliber radio show and SD. In a bizarre spectacle he was invited there as the SVT expert on Sverigedemokraterna.

A former leader of Expo was just two weeks ago invited to Sveriges Radio SR P1 as an expert. His name is Tobias Hubinette, he is cofounder of the most popular organization for political commentary in state media. He is a convicted violent criminal and a racist. Reda more here:http://everykindapeople.blogspot.co m/2009/03/amne-tobias-hubinette-och-sven skheten.html