onsdag 23 september 2009

v2. Svensk statsmedia vägrar fri debatt, förnedrar oliktänkande och hemlighåller nyheter.

Sveriges statsmedia visar tydliga tecken på en tystnadplikt i viktiga frågor. Statens media har i stort sett ett totalforbud på fri och öppen debatt och en fri nyhetsrapportering.

Deras arbetsmetoder går ut på att misstänkliggora politiska fiender, ljuga om dem och se till att de framställs i värsta tänkbara dager.

Swedish state media infiltrated Sverigedemokraterna SD and made secret video and audio recordings over 6 months. Of the 90 hours or 5400 minutes they only found 1 minute of ethnic jokes. State media made a big pre-advertisement of the radioshow but the material had nothing controversial.

The State TV even asked the producer, "Was this all you found?" which totally discredits the radio show, "Kaliber" and its producers.

The followup radio show (the 2nd in a series of 3) from the past saturday talked about the SD members having parties and playing different types of music. The state media complained that they did not like the music. One song was insulting to the killed prime Olof Palme, socilaists and communsits may be offended. Other songs were national anthems as well as communist songs. The state radio show insinuated that this was racist OR nazilike, OR showing a dislike for aliens.

The show insinuated that one song was written by a person that may have ebbn a nazi.

I personally never investigate the political views of the songwriter for all songs i listen to. I have never done that, but the state journalists now demand the we shall assume that the SD party members are alligned with the politcal views of the songwriters of all songs they listen to.

This farfetched ide fell flat since its simply insane, retarded and childish.

One obvious reason is the communist songs hey played during the drinking party, are they therfore communists now?

The reason the state media did the story is that the EU election is near and they are trying destroy the party in the election. State media is biased, full of extremists and never permit debate. They also keep important news that may help the opposition away from the headlines, they simply won't report it.

This show is an attempt by the state to eliminate one serious competitor to the current government alliance.

It renews the demand for a free press and free media without the state contol. Only free media without the state infuence can report honesly without bias and can tell the whole truth without filtering news that may help the opposition.