onsdag 27 juli 2011

Mer utländsk media om terrordåden och mångkulturen

NORGE Detta är det fjärde inlägget på raken på PI om analyser från utlandet angående terrordåden i Norge utförda av vad som bara kan beskrivas som en djupt störd människa. Den utländska pressen vågar dock även titta på situationen i såväl Norge som Europa med en icke-sanktionerad mångkultur som påtvingats befolkningarna och vilka splittringar och spänningar det lett till. Det är bland annat bristen på dessa slags analyser och debatter som gjort situationen i framför allt Sverige så absurd. Länkar till de tre andra inläggen finns nedan.

Bruce Bawer är en amerikansk författare som själv bor i Oslo med sin manliga partner. Han skriver för The Wall Street Journal och har bland annat författat While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within.

But I was stunned to discover on Saturday that Breivik was a reader of my own work, including my book ”While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying the West from Within.” In comments posted in 2009 on a Norwegian blog, document.no, Breivik expressed admiration for my writings, but criticized me for not being a cultural conservative (although he was pleased that I was not a Marxist, either).


It is also chilling to see the way he moves from a legitimate concern about genuine problems to an unspeakably evil ”solution.” In bombing those government buildings and hunting down those campers, Breivik was not taking out people randomly. He considered the Labor Party, Norway’s dominant party since World War II, responsible for policies that are leading to the Islamization of Europe—and thus guilty of treason.


During the hours when I thought that Oslo had been attacked by jihadists, I wept for the city that has been my home for many years. And I hoped Norwegian leaders would respond to this act of violence by taking a more responsible approach to the problems they face in connection with Islam. When it emerged that these acts of terror were the work of a native Norwegian who thought he was striking a blow against jihadism and its enablers, it was immediately clear to me that his violence will deal a heavy blow to an urgent cause.

Norway, like the rest of Europe, is in serious trouble. Millions of European Muslims live in rigidly patriarchal families in rapidly growing enclaves where women are second-class citizens, and where non-Muslims dare not venture. Surveys show that an unsettling percentage of Muslims in Europe reject Western values, despise the countries they live in, support the execution of homosexuals, and want to replace democracy with Shariah law. (According to a poll conducted by the Telegraph, 40% of British Muslims want Shariah implemented in predominantly Muslim parts of the United Kingdom.)

Muslim gay-bashing is driving gays out of Amsterdam. Muslim Jew-bashing is driving Jews out of Gothenburg, Sweden [Bawer syftar med största säkerhet på Malmö, PI:s anm.]. And let’s not forget about the shameful trials of politician Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and historian Lars Hedegaard in Denmark, which demonstrate how the fear of Muslim wrath is squelching the freedom of speech of those who dare to criticize Islam.

There is reason to be deeply concerned about all these things, and to want to see them addressed forcefully by government leaders who care about the preservation of individual liberty and human rights. But this cause has been seriously damaged by Anders Behring Breivik.

In Norway, to speak negatively about any aspect of the Muslim faith has always been a touchy matter, inviting charges of ”Islamophobia” and racism. It will, I fear, be a great deal more difficult to broach these issues now that this murderous madman has become the poster boy for the criticism of Islam.

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